Switching to a Better TV Deal

When my TV bill went up by 10 dollars, I knew that I had to do something. Ten dollars sounds like a small amount, but it was just making an expensive bill even more unreasonable. I didn’t want to get rid of my television though because it is how I unwind after a long day at work. I just figured that I could change providers because I knew that there had to be better offers out there. I did an online search so I could find the current offers for other TV programming providers, and that is how I found out about the amazing deals that DirecTV offers to new customers.

Their packages start out very low, but I knew that I would want to have a better package because I wanted to have more channels. That is why this was so great to me, because I was able to get a package that matched what I was getting from my cable company, but for a fraction of the price. In addition to a low price, I was able to get some really nice deals including free movie channels. That is something that I was not able to have in the past because of the high cost of having them, so it was nice that I would get to preview all of them for 90 days.

I figured if I liked one package, I would be able to order it since I would be saving so much money by being a new customer. That is the part that I liked the best. Because I was getting the service for the first time, I was able to get an introductory promotional price that I was able to lock in for two years. Even after that time is up, the price is still going to be cheaper than what I was paying with cable. It’s hard to fight logic like that, and that is why I switched!

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