Our Son Couldn’t Stop Sneezing

When my husband and I moved to Tampa, we considered ourselves very fortunate to find a house in such a good school district. We have three children, and we place good education very highly in their lives. We thought that we would get settled in pretty quickly and live happily ever after, but our youngest son seemed to be allergic to our new home. I did my best in cleaning it, but he continued to sneeze and have a hard time. I decided to look for professional cleaning services in Tampa because we had to get this resolved so he would not be miserable any longer.

I figured that it had to do something with the home itself, because he did not seem to have the problem in other places. I wanted to make sure that I got a good cleaning company that would be able to do more than just surface cleaning, because that was something I had already tried myself with no luck. I needed a company that would be able to deep clean the carpeting throughout the house and make sure that there were no hidden spots where allergens were nestled away.

We were told that the previous owners had no pets, but I was starting to suspect that they had at some point. I figured that pet dander was the culprit here, and I wished we had been told that there had been pets only so we could have had it professionally cleaned before we moved in. As it turned out, the cleaning service was able to deep clean everywhere, and my son’s problems disappeared. They did such a great job that I still have them come in on a semi regular basis so we can get the same type of cleaning done. It makes us all feel better, knowing our home is this clean now.

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