Getting Set Up in My New Office over Here

I got off the plane a couple of hours ago and I have already started getting set up in my new office over here. I have one of those little things they set up over here for people like me. It is a little place I can operate from without having a full time commitment to. Of course they have the corporate secretarial service in Singapore and I seem to have gotten extra lucky with the girl who is working for me. Aside from being able to do the job she is really adorable and she seems to want to flirt with me. Of course that could all be in my head, but I am going with the idea so long as it does not turn out to be absolutely wrong. She took me to this real great Chinese restaurant down on the block. Of course they have a lot of strange food here and she was not sure what sort of food I was going go to like, so she was not promising me anything.

Of course this city is very difficult to get around in. You are basically dealing with a vertical city in many areas. That is to say that everything is immensely crowded and you can only expand by going towards the sky. So you see dozens of buildings with over 20 stories in them. There is this one building I was in the other day and you could have lived and worked in there day and night for years, all without leaving the building. That is to say they had office spaces at some parts of the structure and in other parts they had residential areas. They also had shops and restaurants. So people could do everything they needed to do without ever leaving the place.

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