Coffee Drank the Right Way Can Actually Have Some Benefits

I like a cup of coffee in the morning. Just a regular sized cup. Not one of those gigantic paper cups you can get from the coffee shop. I know people that drink coffee all day long. One guy I know goes through at least two pots at work practically every shift. He is always talking about coffee. I know there are some benefits of drinking coffee, but I do not imagine that they extend to a guy who drinks two pots of it in eight hours. Plus, that does not take in all the other coffee he had earlier and later in the day. He is drinking the stuff from when he wakes up to when he goes to bed. I do not even know how he can sleep.

I used to drink two 52 ounce cups per shift when I worked a job. Then coffee started giving me terrible heartburn and even palpitations. I was drinking way too much of it. Like I said, I imagine there are some benefits of drinking coffee, but that is if you are not drinking it by the gallon. I see so many people at work and on the road that have coffee cups in their hands all the time. I know people who cannot get going until they get coffee in them. I always thought it was silly to have to have an automatic timer on a coffee pot, but I know there are people that rely on it. They can barely get to the coffee pot in the morning to press a button to get it started.

I would have mine on the drive into work. Then I started drinking it as soon as I got up. Then had to have it immediately upon awakening. I would drink it all day and into the evening. Too much was just too much. My morning cup was a much better choice to enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee without the jitters and heartburn, and that is how I drink it now.

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