I’d Be Foolish to Not Switch over

I have had cable television for as long as I can remember. It just seemed the most convenient way to have television programming since I was able to bundle it with my Internet for a lower price. Once my initial promotion was up, I just kept it because I never paid attention to the bill since it was directly taken from my bank account every month. When I realized that I was paying a lot more than what I thought, I started to shop around for alternative programming. When I saw everything included with a directv package, I knew that I was going to get sign up for Directv.

Not only was my programming going to be a lot cheaper, but I am going to end up having more channels too. With my cable package, I was only getting 60 channels, and I was happy to see that I would get over 190 channels with my Directv package. Even though I will never watch all of them, my family has such a wide variety of tastes that I know everyone is going to be happy with the new programming. We are even going to get free movie channels for three months.

Because we are getting a promotional price for two years, I thought that we might be able to continue on with the movie channels even after the three months are up. We are going to still be saving money even if we keep all four movie packages over what I was paying with cable. It is hard to believe that we are going to get so many more channels to watch while paying a lower price each month for it. With savings like that, I'd be foolish to not switch over to Directv! They are installing it tomorrow, and we cannot wait.

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