Switching to a Better TV Deal

When my TV bill went up by 10 dollars, I knew that I had to do something. Ten dollars sounds like a small amount, but it was just making an expensive bill even more unreasonable. I didn’t want to get rid of my television though because it is how I unwind after a long day at work. I just figured that I could change providers because I knew that there had to be better offers out there. I did an online search so I could find the current offers for other TV programming providers, and that is how I found out about the amazing deals that DirecTV offers to new customers.

Their packages start out very low, but I knew that I would want to have a better package because I wanted to have more channels. That is why this was so great to me, because I was able to get a package that matched what I was getting from my cable company, but for a fraction of the price. Continue reading “Switching to a Better TV Deal”

Beginner guide for plumbing works – cutting & assembling pvc pipe


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Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to cut and assemble PVC plumbing pipe. Support this channel by shopping on Amazon through our link: www.amazon.com/?tag=sejadr-20 Channel http://www.youtube.com/see jane drill Website http://www.seejanedrill.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/see jane drill  

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hi I'm Leah and today I'm going to teach you how to cut this and this is PVC and that stands for a polyvinyl chloride and so there are a couple different techniques I'm going to first show the old fashioned way in the event that you don't have the more modern tools so what tools do we need to cut PVC you can use a hacksaw and that's what this tool is and this is how plumbing pipe was cut long ago people still use a hacksaw and if you have one you'll be able to cut PVC with no problem this tool here is a more modern PVC cutter it's like scissors almost you press the handle and slowly it slices through the PVC the PVC cutters look very fast the hacksaw not so much so what I'm going to do is I'm going to demonstrate the hacksaw used by *plumbing contractors nj  now before I start cutting I'm gonna put on my safety glasses so I'm cutting with a hacksaw I'm gonna get it started there we go okay now what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the PVC cutting tool yeah so I'm just gonna line it up right there I have it I don't have a mark because I'm just demonstrating the tool and I'm just going to slowly depress okay now got it where I'm wanted two three four it's cut now I want to draw your attention to the two cuts this was cut with the PVC cutter notice how smooth it it seemed nice cut and it took less time now let's take a look at the hacksaw cut rape the cut it but you notice it's it's not the cleanest cut and it took a long time and that's why I prefer to use the PVC cutter now I want to draw something to your attention about PVC there are two types that are most common there's PVC which is polyvinyl chloride that's what we have here and then there is C PVC and that's chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and they both look the same so what's the difference well the difference is this PVC here you can only use it on drain waste invent now CP VC it's a little more expensive and it's really used for water supply lines for delivering hot and cold water okay now let me show you some of the fittings this is a cap this is a tee this is an elbow I got to tell you there's lots of different fittings but depending upon what you're running and how you're running it it would determine what fittings you were using now let me also say this about plumbing plumbing work is all custom and that's why it's so very important to know how to cut the PVC piping how to glue it all together what pieces to use where so here's the deal in your house the plumbing is is custom to that home so maybe have a piece of pipe that runs 20 feet maybe somewhere else in the house it only runs 10 maybe you would use a tea on one end of the pipe but on the other end you may need an elbow so it's custom kind of all depends on the layout of your plumbing okay so let's say that your drain pipe it it developed a leak and you want the @gas fireplace service nj to cut out the bad section and put in a new section well I'm going to show you how to do that the tools and the materials that you'll need so let's say you've already cut out the bad section of PVC and now you want to repair that bad section this is how you do it you determine the length that you need we're just gonna say let's say you need a piece six inches now I'm gonna mark this a pipe at six inches I'm gonna mark it right there there we go now that I've marked it I'm gonna put my glasses back on and my gloves let's line it up with the blade there there we go and now I'm just going to start to cut that pipe okay so now we have our pipe and it's it's clean it's clean of burrs this is called a union and this union is used to join two pieces of pipe together like so this is going to be our repair section and uh let me find another piece we've got another piece here and so I'm joining two pieces of pipe together now we're going to prime the pieces that we're going to bond together so I'm gonna clean the outside of the pipe first and you want to you want to put a generous amount of primer on there and then I'm going to prime the inside now it's time to apply our cement I want to apply the submit' want to insert the pipe into the Union and twist and hold you want to hold that for 30 seconds so the pieces have been joined together that that's solid that's not going anywhere so you know you could use the same technique that I just shows you with the cement in the primer with CPVC as well just make certain that you have the proper cement and the proper primer for CPVC this is Leah saying you can do this see you next time for more plumbing tutorial you Proceed Studying

Making a Pay Stub is Actually Easy

My expertise is in fixing someone's toilet when it has a clog or installing a new garbage disposal. I fix things, I get paid, and life is good. However, work got to be too busy for me not that long ago. Rather than turn customers away, I decided to hire on a helper. He works with me a few hours each day, and he is basically a subcontractor who gets paid a very fair wage for what he does. I knew that I needed to find a paystub maker so I could give him a pay stub with his pay every week.That actually did not take me nearly as long as I thought it would. I knew that I would be able to find something online, but I had no idea that it was going to look as professional as it does. In fact, these pay stubs for him look so good that I have gotten in the habit of doing one for myself every month too. There are times where I do need to prove my income, whether it is for a loan or something else, Proceed Studying

Getting Cash for Scrap Metal

When my husband was told he was going to lose some hours at work for a couple of months, we knew that we were going to have to come up with something to supplement the income we would be losing. It was not in our best interest for him to find a new job, because there just aren't a lot of jobs available in our area that pay well. Instead, I went online and looked at scrap metal prices. We had been collecting various pieces of metal through the years, and we just let them sit in one of the barns.

We had no plans for them at all. We just chose that way because it was most convenient to us. Since we had no use for it though and because there was a nice chunk of scrap metal that we had accumulated over the years, I decided to see if we would be able to make a nice little profit off of it. I was able to find a website that has information on all of the scrap metal yards in our region, and it also has the prices per pound on various types of metal like copper, steel, aluminum and much more.

Since we had a wide variety of each kind of metal, plus we have an old truck that would make transporting most of it easy enough, I looked at all of the scrap metal yards in our area so we could get the best price. I actually had no idea that there were so many scrap yards around us! Anyway, when it was all said and done, we were able to cash out at much more than either of us expected. I thought I would have to take a part time job somewhere til his work got regular again, but our scrap metal cash actually took us past what he would have made normally at work!

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Coffee Drank the Right Way Can Actually Have Some Benefits

I like a cup of coffee in the morning. Just a regular sized cup. Not one of those gigantic paper cups you can get from the coffee shop. I know people that drink coffee all day long. One guy I know goes through at least two pots at work practically every shift. He is always talking about coffee. I know there are some benefits of drinking coffee, but I do not imagine that they extend to a guy who drinks two pots of it in eight hours. Plus, that does not take in all the other coffee he had earlier and later in the day. He is drinking the stuff from when he wakes up to when he goes to bed. I do not even know how he can sleep.

I used to drink two 52 ounce cups per shift when I worked a job. Then coffee started giving me terrible heartburn and even palpitations. I was drinking way too much of it. Like I said, I imagine there are some benefits of drinking coffee, but that is if you are not drinking it by the gallon. I see so many people at work and on the road that have coffee cups in their hands all the time. I know people who cannot get going until they get coffee in them. I always thought it was silly to have to have an automatic timer on a coffee pot, but I know there are people that rely on it. They can barely get to the coffee pot in the morning to press a button to get it started.

I would have mine on the drive into work. Then I started drinking it as soon as I got up. Then had to have it immediately upon awakening. I would drink it all day and into the evening. Too much was just too much. My morning cup was a much better choice to enjoy the benefits of drinking coffee without the jitters and heartburn, and that is how I drink it now.

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Our Son Couldn’t Stop Sneezing

When my husband and I moved to Tampa, we considered ourselves very fortunate to find a house in such a good school district. We have three children, and we place good education very highly in their lives. We thought that we would get settled in pretty quickly and live happily ever after, but our youngest son seemed to be allergic to our new home. I did my best in cleaning it, but he continued to sneeze and have a hard time. I decided to look for professional cleaning services in Tampa because we had to get this resolved so he would not be miserable any longer.

I figured that it had to do something with the home itself, because he did not seem to have the problem in other places. I wanted to make sure that I got a good cleaning company that would be able to do more than just surface cleaning, because that was something I had already tried myself with no luck. I needed a company that would be able to deep clean the carpeting throughout the house and make sure that there were no hidden spots where allergens were nestled away.

We were told that the previous owners had no pets, but I was starting to suspect that they had at some point. I figured that pet dander was the culprit here, and I wished we had been told that there had been pets only so we could have had it professionally cleaned before we moved in. As it turned out, the cleaning service was able to deep clean everywhere, and my son's problems disappeared. They did such a great job that I still have them come in on a semi regular basis so we can get the same type of cleaning done. It makes us all feel better, knowing our home is this clean now.

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Shopping for Women is a Challenge

Did you know that you can pretty much buy anything online? You might think you do but once you start really looking for unique and even bizarre kind of items you don't grasp the whole picture of what's available online. After trying to shop for a friend's Christmas present I stumbled onto this whole human hair industry. I was taken back by how much people were able to sell their hair for; not to mention being taken back to discover people were actually doing such a thing. So what did I do? I bought her Brazilian hair bundles because she loves wigs.

What is it with woman and wigs? I had not a single clue that so many women wore them for style but I guess in a strange way it does make a kind of woman logical sense. For a guy the typical haircut is only $20 or so bucks. Most of us don't treat our hair or have it colored or anything. We generally pick a single style and go with it. Women? They will frequently have their hair colored and treated. They'll switch up styles often enough which can make a hair cut expensive for them.

No doubt wigs make it much cheaper. Some women who have weaves done will use hair extensions to give the hair more body. Some women choose wigs so they can have shorter hair that's more manageable. Sometimes they'll even pick a wig just to cut down on the time that they would have otherwise spent fixing it for work or pleasure. I can't imagine doing it myself - I'll stick with my short, easy to fix hair thank you very much. It makes for a great gift, though, and the first time I bought it for my ex-girlfriend she was absolutely ecstatic.

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The Best Flavors Can Be Found Online

I have been smoking standard cigs for approximately 15 years, and frankly, I was bored of it. Yet, I wasn't willing to quit either. I spend a lot of time on a forum with a lot of friends, and I noticed that people were beginning to talk a lot about using ecigs, also known as "vaping." I wanted to know more, and was promptly told that some of the best e liquid flavors can be ordered through the Internet, and the taste would be amazing compared to my regular paper cigarettes. This caught my attention right away.

The different flavors come about thanks to the e-liquid that you purchase with your new e-cigarette. Rather than smoking dried tobacco, the tobacco is added to a liquid mixture, along with highly palatable things like cherries, vanilla, chocolate and much more. You can bet that this had me excited. After reading up a bit, I asked for recommendations about where to get the best products, and I received quite a bit of great advice.

I quickly ordered from a company that seems to be well known in the vaping world. They have great prices, too. I bought everything I needed to get started for less than $50.00. Just one carton of my regular cigarettes is $45.00, and you get nothing but the regular, boring taste that comes with those.

I typically like to smoke menthols, so I quickly mixed up a batch of blueberry and menthol flavoring. It was out of this world! As much as I liked it, I wanted to give the other liquids in my kit a try. There were a few that were pre-mixed for me such as chai and pina colada. Who knew? I drink chai daily, and in fact, it's one of my favorite drinks to look forward to each day, so I really wanted to try that next. I was not disappointed either. I threw out my last pack of smokes yesterday. From now on, I'm going with the great tastes that come with vaping.

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Cheap Deals on Golf Shirts

I am going to go golfing for the first time in many, many years. I am not any good at it, but a potential business partner has compelled me to play a round with them. I tried to urge him to not let me embarrass myself on the course, but he would not take no for an answer. Finally I relented, and now I need to find some attire. I am checking out discount mens Ping golf shirts because I do not want to pay full price for my golfing attire, considering the fact that I am probably not going to be using it again anytime soon.

I hope that I am not as bad at golf as I was the last time I played. Although, I don't see why I would be better. It is not like I have practiced or done anything that would improve my skill level. Maybe though, just maybe, I will get lucky and pull out a round of golf that is not absolutely awful.

I am mostly worried about losing balls on like every hole. Apparently we are playing at a golf course where there is a lot of water in play, and that worries me. Last time I played, a lot of the time, I really had no idea which direction the ball would go in when I hit it with my club. I just am not very good at golf. I think a lot of is my technique that is at fault with my inaccuracy. But I don't know if I could be taught how to be good at it. It does not seem super likely, but again, I like to think that anything is possible. Well not literally anything, like conceptually a square triangle is not possible, but that's not what I meant.

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Finding Texas Energy Company Rate Comparisons

I am not good at making decisions, and it is even harder to make decisions when all of the choices are evenly matched. And yet, that is the place that I seem to find myself in right now. I am checking out this website right now that helps me to compare different options for electricity providers. I want to get the cheapest price of course, because that is just the logical thing to do.

However, it does not seem to be that simple, because a lot of these companies offer the same prices for their electricity. So I guess I will have to do some more digging, and try to base my decision on something else than just the electricity rate. I am new to Texas, and this is the first place that I am going to be staying in the state. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for me here though, and I am pretty excited to start living here.

I am going to move into my new apartment tomorrow, but before I can move in, the landlord wants me to have the electricity set up. Of course, in order to do that, I have to come to a decision for who I am going to buy my electricity from. I want to make that decision pretty quickly, because I still have some other matters to take care of tonight, and it is not going to make it any easier to take care of other things, if I still have this whole electricity business hanging over my head. Right now, my girlfriend is watching some movie really loud on her laptop, and it is so loud that is distracting me. I should probably find some headphones so that I can focus on the website I am looking at.

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Getting Set Up in My New Office over Here

I got off the plane a couple of hours ago and I have already started getting set up in my new office over here. I have one of those little things they set up over here for people like me. It is a little place I can operate from without having a full time commitment to. Of course they have the corporate secretarial service in Singapore and I seem to have gotten extra lucky with the girl who is working for me. Aside from being able to do the job she is really adorable and she seems to want to flirt with me. Of course that could all be in my head, but I am going with the idea so long as it does not turn out to be absolutely wrong. She took me to this real great Chinese restaurant down on the block. Of course they have a lot of strange food here and she was not sure what sort of food I was going go to like, so she was not promising me anything.Of course this city is very difficult to get around Proceed Studying

How Bad is the Oil Industry Hurting?

I have been thinking about this because I was lucky not to put any money in one of those Texas energy companies. A couple of years ago oil was selling for well over a hundred dollars a barrel and this friend of mine wanted to put his money in this company that provided oil field services. His brother in law was involved in the deal. I have no idea how it worked out for them, but it is obvious that a lot of those guys are hurting right now. I think that the other day when I saw the stuff that was going on in the news. I think that at one point oil was down to around fifty five dollars per barrel and the apparent reason is that the Saudis have decided that they are going to take the price down to a place where the most expensive producers of petroleum.

Of course in the U.S.A and Canada there are a lot of oil and gas producers who use high cost methods, like hydraulic fracturing of fracking. That is not that surprising, because in the long term the Saudis can produce oil for less than we can and if they can drive out other producers that eventually works out for them. Of course they expect to get the price back to a hundred dollars a barrel in the near future I am sure, but it is going to be a near future that is probably more than a year or so away. Until then it is obvious that a lot of people are going to benefit and a lot of other people are going to be hurt by it. In Venezuela, Nigeria, Russia and countries like that, this is going to lead to a whole lot of problems for a lot of people.

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Why I Chose My Energy Company

Map of Radon Zones for TexasI was really confused when I moved to Texas when it came to the electricity company. Where I lived before, we only had one choice. In Texas, we are allowed to choose which company we want to supply us with our electricity. I didn't even see how this was possible, so I went online to find out as much as I could about texas electric providers. Thankfully, I found a website that not only explained how there can be more than one supplier but it also listed the plans and rates of each of the providers that I could select from.

I read how the utility company is still the one who brings the power into my house. The difference is that I could choose which energy company to use, which means that I am able to choose the price that I want to pay for it. I thought it would be hard to find which one was the best choice, but the website did all of the hard work for me. I was able to compare companies, rates and plans, and it helped me make the best choice possible for my family and myself.

I really liked how the different companies were explained too. I thought that they would all be pretty much the same, but each one is unique in its own way. Some have a lot of green options while others are more focused on community action. With so many different options, I wanted to make sure I picked the one that aligns with my own values, and that is how I chose the one I did. What impressed me the most is how the employees bond with the community and help with different projects. It is more than business to them. It is a way of life, and that is why I am now their customer.

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Having a Look at This Little House

Janet from work was the one who told me about this place. It is on the way here from here place and she was saying that she stopped to have a look at it and see if she liked it. Of course she is quite peculiar in her tastes and she did not like the place for some rather silly reason. It was something that I would have not really considered very important. In fact I would think about home security when I looked at this place.For instance I'd check out home-security.co It is off the street so that you could leave home and then there would be no real way for other people to see if people were messing with the place. It is back off of the road about a hundred yards and out in the woods. You can see that the place is there if you look to that direction, but unless you looked hard you would not know it is there.

So at any rate I would want to have home security if I was there living. I would be really paranoid that people were going to come in and steal all of my stuff as soon as I left to go to work. In fact you would have no trouble getting the place emptied out while I was at work. At least a good thief with a truck could go up there and take any thing that was worth taking no problem at all. Obviously you want to get insurance and if you have an alarm it is likely that you scare them off. It is just that you want to be able to recover any stuff that you might lose like that. You definitely want to think about how to keep thieves from take it all

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Get the Channels You Want

I have had Comcast cable service for three years now. The main reason why I have kept their service is the great customer service. I live in an apartment and one day there was a electrical surge from the cable box and it blew out my 40 inch HDTV. I called Comcast and within two weeks I had a check to replace my TV. I know this may not always be the case, because I have heard some bad reviews of Comcast, but that was never the case for me.

When I first got the service I was having issues with getting the HD channels, and they worked for two weeks and ended up replacing all of the wiring through the apartment at no additional charge. Not very many companies would have done that. Another reason I like them is their great package deals. I have a great deal on the internet and digital phone too.When I found your website I was able to see how they had the best deals in my area, and they had free installation at the time. Which was a big savings at the time, and I know because before I had Comcast I had another provider and they charged me a great deal just to turn on their service.Since I have had Comcast, I have talked my parents into getting it where they live too. They had satellite television and they would always tell me they would lose service if it just rained. I never have that problem, and if for some odd reason I do have issues with the service they give me an estimated time when it is going to be fixed, and they always seem to beat their own estimates too. I never plan on leaving them as long as they are in my area.

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Moving Down to Corpus Crisit This Spring

We are just started to get ready. It is still in the planning stage, but we are looking at three different places where we might move. All of them are fairly close to my new job and the school which Jane is going to teach. We have even started to think about which power companies we can pick down there. According to this website the same power companies are available at all three of these addresses, so it is the same choice no matter which one of the houses we pick. Of course I never really know which power company to select and I usually try to look for the things that are said about them by other consumers. It is not like you are going to find any power company which has a fully positive reputation, but you want to see that they respond to the customer. In particular you are going to be down on the Gulf Coast and you have to think about hurricanes.

It has been a long time since I lived really close to the Gulf of Mexico. You obviously have to think about hurricanes. So we are going to make sure that we get a place which is a reasonable distance from the coast and up above the level of the sea. You do not want to be sitting there unprepared when a really big storm comes up. I was in one really big hurricane when I was about 12 years old and we lost our power for a couple of weeks. You really get to understand how much you like to have electric power after you do without it for a few days in the Texas heat. It is really a big deal to go without having air condition in the Corpus Cristi area.

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Holy Ghost! – Midi Matilda, DJ Vin Sol

  1. Holy Ghost! - Midi Matilda, DJ Vin Sol Event on 2013-12-31 21:00:00
    Holy Ghost!
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    The abridged version of the story of Holy Ghost! – the one that begins in 2007 with the release of the duo’s highly acclaimed, revelatory debut single “Hold On” – is less than half the story. A full retelling begins far earlier – nearly two decades before either the duo’s excellent 2009 track “I Will Come Back,” their critically lauded 2010 EP Static on the Wire and their 2011 self-titled full-length debut, or the remixes they’ve done for a seemingly endless list of esteemed artists – MGMT, Cut Copy, Moby, Phoenix and LCD Soundsystem among them.

    In fact, the unabridged Holy Ghost! story starts when 7-year-olds Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser met in their elementary school on New York City’s Upper West Side. Even then, the pair of second graders were beginning to make music, nudged on by the “artsy” environs at Manhattan’s Trevor Day School and their open-minded parents.

    “First grade, I started playing saxophone and I hated it, and I wanted to quit,” says Nick. His mother told him he could drop the saxophone, but he would have to find another instrument. He started taking drum lessons and realized he’d found what he wanted to be when he grew up.

    Alex also got an early musical start. He began lessons with jazz pianist Les Horan, a family friend, at age 6, and learned to play by ear and improvise instead of memorizing scales. By age 12, he had already started to work on his own songs.

    Huge fans of hip hop as they moved into their teen years, Alex and Nick, along with four other musically likeminded friends, formed Automato, a hip-hop outfit with live instrumentation and an affinity for groove-based songs. The band of high school sophomores quickly made a name for itself, gigging all around the city and playing some of its best known, now defunct, clubs. In 2000, Automato – mere high school seniors at this point – were signed by Capitol Records. They met with a series of well-known hip-hop producers, most of whom Nick says “didn’t know what the fuck to do with a live drum set.” After countless fruitless conversations, the group was introduced to James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy, two young producers who were just starting a label called DFA. It was a pairing that, though they couldn’t have known it at the time, would outlast Automato.

    Automato’s DFA-produced debut was released in 2004 to light fanfare: The UK’s Guardian called the release “The first essential hip hop album of the year.” But the band dissolved just a year later. Alex and Nick remained friends with Murphy and Goldsworthy, even lending their talents to DFA as studio musicians on recordings by the Juan Maclean and remixes for N.E.R.D. and UNKLE. Following a brief stint when Alex left the city to attend Upstate New York’s Bard College, and Nick toured with the Juan Maclean, the two again started making music together. They self-recorded some “ragtag” – Nick’s word – demos, including an early, bare bones version of “Hold On” which they shared with Murphy, who liked what he heard and encouraged them to keep working.

    They finished the track a little over a year later. The two shared this early version with a few friends, including tastemaker Tim Sweeney, who liked it enough to play on his revered radio show, Beats in Space. Murphy heard as-of-yet unfulfilled promise in the single, and led the duo – now called Holy Ghost!, a name taken from a song of the same name by ’70s soul masters the Bar-Kays – back into the studio, where the LCD frontman produced and remixed the single. “Hold On,” released on DFA Records in 2007, gained the attention of some of the most esteemed names in dance music, including A-Trak and The Loft’s Dave Mancuso. Alex and Nick found themselves traveling the world as in-demand DJs, and by the end of 2008, they had remixed songs – by request – for Moby, MGMT and Cut Copy.

    By the time 2009 wound to a close, the duo set to work on a batch of songs that would be a heftier offering than a lone single. The resulting four-song EP, Static on the Wire, which included “I Will Come Back” along with three new singles, was released on DFA in May 2010. It was only a taster of what was to come on the band’s full-length LP, which was released the very next year.

    The 10-song self-titled album included a few guest appearances (Luke Jenner from the Rapture; Chris Glover from Penguin Prison; and – really – Michael McDonald) and though it certainly yielded more evidence of Holy Ghost!’s place at the top of the heap of dance music makers, this isn’t likely to be a collection of club bangers. It cemented an idea of what people have come to expect from Holy Ghost!: Riveting songs filled with analog warmth and wonderful, driving, catchy rhythms.

    After a few years of relentless and successful touring with only a single album, an EP, and a couple singles to their name, Nick and Alex reconvened in the studio to start working on their newest batch of songs. The result of these sessions is the band’s upcoming sophomore release, Dynamics.

    Though they were only making their second album, the experience they brought with them to the studio was a huge advantage. “There was a bit of a learning curve on the first record that slowed down the creative process,” Nick said. “We didn’t have to learn how to record an album at the same time as we were trying to make music this time around.” With the recording studio now tamed, the band felt they had more control and better instincts with writing their music. There were more musical casualties this time around as well, with more songs and musical ideas getting left on the cutting room floor as the band separated the wheat from the chaff.

    During recording for Dynamics, Alex felt more comfortable with his singing abilities than the first time around, and the duo pushed themselves to record more single-track vocals, yielding a more personal, emotional response. “I tried to make more simple, personal ideas come across more effectively,” he notes. “When you’re doing up-front vocals, you can’t bullshit the lyrics, because you’re talking directly to your audience.”

    The effect of these things upon the overall recording sessions for Dynamics is that the band are painting in bolder strokes, truly utilizing one of the most important aspects of music (dynamics) to open their songs up to entire new palates of color. “Dynamics is really a descriptive term we used to focus on contrast, but it’s also referring to a lot of Alex’s lyrics this time around, which deal with the dynamics of relationships,” reflects Nick. “It’s a good single-word descriptor of what we were trying to do with these songs, something we kept coming back to when writing and recording.”

    At the end of the day, Holy Ghost! are making great dance music that is beyond passing trends, that gets to the very heart of why we love music, that touches our most simple, direct, inborn reactions to sound. “I’m trying to make music that makes me as unabashedly giddy as music made me when I was a kid,” says Nick. “I think that’s a big part of why we’re so obsessed with sounds. Because I think more abstract things, like sound, take [you] places. It’s a guttural, sort of ambiguous familiarity to things you grew up with that I think, when you get older, you come back to. And you’re like, “Oh – this really is the best.” at The Independent 628 Divisadero Street San Francisco, United States
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I’d Be Foolish to Not Switch over

I have had cable television for as long as I can remember. It just seemed the most convenient way to have television programming since I was able to bundle it with my Internet for a lower price. Once my initial promotion was up, I just kept it because I never paid attention to the bill since it was directly taken from my bank account every month. When I realized that I was paying a lot more than what I thought, I started to shop around for alternative programming. When I saw everything included with a directv package, I knew that I was going to get sign up for Directv.

Not only was my programming going to be a lot cheaper, but I am going to end up having more channels too. With my cable package, I was only getting 60 channels, and I was happy to see that I would get over 190 channels with my Directv package. Even though I will never watch all of them, my family has such a wide variety of tastes that I know everyone is going to be happy with the new programming. We are even going to get free movie channels for three months.

Because we are getting a promotional price for two years, I thought that we might be able to continue on with the movie channels even after the three months are up. We are going to still be saving money even if we keep all four movie packages over what I was paying with cable. It is hard to believe that we are going to get so many more channels to watch while paying a lower price each month for it. With savings like that, I'd be foolish to not switch over to Directv! They are installing it tomorrow, and we cannot wait.

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Teaching My Daughter to Be Responsible

Auto Insurance Quotes | Home, Life Car Insurance | Farmers Insurance.The biggest thing I want to teach my daughter is that she should not have to be reliant on any man or another person in her life, she should be responsible and she should be as independent as she can be when she gets older. This means that she should have goals for herself and she knows that we expect her to go to college and get a degree that she can use. Finding the cheapest auto insurance is good but it is not the end of it all. Proceed Studying